About Us

We are a specialized Marketing Promotion and Research service providing company, founded as a sole proprietorship and later it was converted into a limited liability company as it grew in capacity in 2015, focusing on supplying customized marketing solutions in various industries, mainly for Market researches and Promotions.

Whilst working with the most prestigious names in various industries in Sri Lankan, M. S. Marketing Solutions has been able to win the hearts & minds of its clients within a shorter period of time, providing the best service at affordable cost.

The team at M. S. Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is energetic, passionate and motivated to work round the clock to ensure successful fulfillment of all professional commitments made within permissible timelines. The organizational culture is marked by transparency, discipline, honesty and hard work ensuring the fulfillment of each professional commitment made.

Why Choose Us?

Marketing Promotions and Marketing Research are two main aspects of the business process goes hand-in-hand. The effectiveness of each depends on the effectiveness of the other. Findings in a market research will help to design an effective promotion camping, vice versa, the effectiveness of a promotion can be well analysed with a research.

In the current business context, research companies and promotion companies are operating separately and no combined operation can be found. We are at M. S. Marketing Solutions has understood the need of the combination of these two main operations and has built a team of experts into both areas. Hence, we can provide very comprehensive solutions to our valuable clients on Market Research and Marketing Promotions

Our Expertise

Markerting Research
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Markerting Promotions
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