Special Services

SurveyArm® - SMART Data Collection

SurveyArm is the one and only software which can be used for both online and offline location tracing, smart capturing, systematic data gathering, data mining and effective field management.
This is the only software which can be used for both market researches and promotions enabling the client to conduct fused campaigns enhancing the effectiveness of the study as well as the cost factors.



As a supplementary service, we are providing printing service including pre-press services such as designing. We have established the strategic partnership with leading local printing service providers to deliver the outstanding print quality, through the excellent craftsmanship and with the use of the best machinery mainly Heidelberg.

We also offer an extensive array of specialist finishing including laminating, foiling, die –cutting, embossing together with different types of binding par with clients’ requirement


Train Branding

Branding a Train, In-Side or Out-Side, is a bit of a difficult exercise since one has to go through the statutory regulations and procedures as you have to deal with Government entity. We have passed the initial hurdles and familiar with the procedure to take our client through the Train Branding process.